I was born in Puerto Rico

I was born in Puerto Rico by Paul Simon. I don’t know too much about this song, but apparently it’s part of a musical play written by himself named The Capeman.

The Capeman is a true story about a man named Salvador Agron, a gang affiliated Puerto Rican living in New York who mistook two NY teens for gang members and stabbed them to death nearly half a century ago. This musical shows Agron’s difficult childhood, criminal life, prison time and repentance.

If any of you want to find out more, here’s a starting point (including a poem written by Agron, in prison, telling his story): http://www.talkinbroadway.com/talkin/cape.html

Certainly another West-Side-Story-like which illustrates a clichéd cultural representation on stage. I haven’t seen the musical myself, so I can’t really juge. Either way, this song (I was born in PR), really gets to my bones.

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