The fabulous life of Luis Sati Jr.

Phatterism, a made up word by Puerto Rican designer Luis Santi Jr., it’s one of the neatest ways I’ve seen to share a blog and also, probably the most personalized one. Upon visiting, Luis will greet you with ample white space, fidgeting and occasionally gazing to his left, imploring you to check out his stuff.

phatterism Luis Santi Jr

Puerto Rican designer Luis Santi Jr.

I had so much fun navigating this site, watching a little video with Luis acting in it.  Try being idle and not clicking for awhile, watch what this guy will be doing. Click “TXT” and Luis goes to work for you, pulling out an index card of his journal entries :

The fabulous life of Luis Sati Jr.

I was born in Puerto Rico in 1982 to two of the most awesomeness parents alive. I moved to Northern Virginia when my dad joined the Navy and graduated kindergarten there.
Then back to Puerto Rico for three more years.
Then my father was stationed at the Pentagon, so I moved to Alexandria, Virginia. 15 minutes away from the nation’s capital.
Three years passed and we moved south to Virginia Beach, VA.
Three more years and it was all sunny Orlando, Florida where my dad retired right as I finished high school.
And now I live here in Miami, the center of the Universe. Just look at all these palm trees!
I attended the University of Miami while I major in broadcasting and graphic design. I graduated in 2004.
And as for the future, well I don’t really plan that far in advance. But hey, I am looking forward to it.

TXT card

TXT card / My Journal Entries

He also let his beard grow and named it Ernesto. Here is a funny tribute to Ernesto:

phatterism beard Ernesto Luis Santi Jrphatterism beard Ernesto

You can also check out other sites and things he has done at his more professional site:

phatterism that's the rub 20090917

That’s the rub 09/17/2009 by Luis Santi Jr. / Phatterism

phatterism map of puerto rico phatterism from me from you

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2 Responses to The fabulous life of Luis Sati Jr.

  1. LuisLopes says:

    It was certainly quite interesting. Thanks to you I have procrastinated half of the day. Keep on posting !


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