My name is Raúl

Jaime Carrero (born on June 16, 1931 and passed away on Sunday, January 27, 2013), was a quiet, sensitive writer raised in the United States and worked as an art professor at  the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. He was the author of the play Flag Inside (1966) and the novel Raquelo tiene un mensaje (1970). Carrero’s best known poem is his “Jet Neorriqueño/ Neo-Rican Jetliner,” part of which follows. As the young man seats himself in the plane, and the “No Smoking Please” sign flashes on:

My name is Raúl
From Puerto Rico?
Jes an’ now from Noo Jork
Muee bieeen senhor
Raúl is my name Señor
American – You look American

You don’t look Puerto Rican:
Raúl señor my name is Raúl.
R-A-U-L u.u.u.
Like the U you find in fool?
Jes. U. U. U. foool.

This Puerto Rican is silent
This Puerto Rican is sad
to be silent and sad
I feel something big
or low
or dark
is going on
in the back
of the mind man.
This Puerto Rican is silent and sad.
The color no white man dares to ask.

-From a bilingual poem,
Jet Neorriqueño / Neo-Rican
Jetliner,” by Jaime Carrero

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