Vaya Con Dios

I have talked about this Belgian group before (cf. Aïe aïe aïe aïe aïe aïe Puerto Rico). Quite by accident, I found the CD in one of the free public libraries of Paris.

Interview with the singer (Dani Klein):

Q: How can you write this song about Puerto Rico ?

A: You know, that was Dirk’s idea. We were doing the, a photo session at Dan and William’s place when Willy was still in the band. It was at the very beginning and, Danny and I had to leave because the dress that I was wearing was not right and I then he had go and get something else. And when we came back Dirk said : “Listen to this”, you know, and then he went “Aie aie aie aie aie Puerto Rico”.I don’t know why you know I think he had this fantasy about this place or something. I think he liked the Puerto Rican look more than anything. And so I just thought “ok, let’s keep it and build the story around it”.And now I can imagine, you know, I mean, I had seen eh (hesitating… ) … West Side Story. And you know I think it’s eh, the thing I think about is not Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico, but Puerto Ricans in move to the United States and I’ve lived in the United States and I’ve met maybe not so many Puerto Ricans but many Mexicans and Cubans and so I could sort of imagine what it’s like, you know, to leave your country and want to make it big in a place like America which to me is, I mean, materially it is true but I think, I’ve been to Mexico and I prefer a lot the atmosphere in Mexico than the American atmosphere really. Of course, it is hard to get by there. It is hard to make money there, to make a living and that’s what I wanted to put in the song.

Vaya con Dios Album_005

Vaya Con Dios. 1988 BMG Ariola Belgium NV/SA – Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany

Vaya con Dios Album_006

Produced by Dani Klein & Dirk Schoufs (Vaya Con Dios – Photographs of musicians and additional musicians)

Vaya con Dios Album_007

Vaya Con Dios : Don’t Cry fo Louie / The Moonshiner / Lord help me please / Lay your hands (off my man)

Vaya con Dios Album_008

Vaya Con Dios : Lulu’s song / Just a friend / Sold my soul

Vaya con Dios Album_009

Vaya Con Dios: One silver dollar / Philadelphia / Remember / Puerto Rico

Vaya con Dios Album_010

Vaya Con Dios: “Johnny, tu n’et pas un ange” (Music by Les Pauls)

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