During the 1960s there was an increasing interest in creating films in Puerto Rico. Numerous films were coproduced with Mexican companies. However, most of these joint ventures were actually Mexican films with Mexican actors, Mexican directors, and Mexican cinematic formulas but shot using puerto Rico as a background.

So, when Mexico’s film industry collapsed, Puerto Rico also suffered because Mexico had to dramatically curtail its investments on the island. In the meantime, the U.S. kept up its filmmaking in Puerto Rico.

Javier A. Galván, in his book Culture and Customs of Puerto Rico (2009), recommends two films which he considers to be of high quality.

1. La Chica del Lunes (Monday’s Child), 1967, directed by the Argentine Leopoldo Torre Nilsson. This film received a nomination at the Cannes film Festival.

2. La criada malcriada (The Misbehaving Maid). Javier Galván considers this to be the most outstanding comedy film of the 1960s. It’s a classic of Puerto Rican film and it was shot in 1965 with a cast of talented and established television actors such as Velda González, José Miguel Agrelot, and Jacobo Morales.

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