A thought about voting…(Democratic primary)

So, Hillary Clonton jumped out over Bernie Sanders in Puerto Rico’s Democratic primary on Sunday June 5th. Congratulations woman!!

So, what if Puerto Rican residents cannont vote in the general election? What if they’re treated as second class citizens. Of course all this gets to my nerves, but I hope things will come even-steven in the near future.

While Puerto Rican residents cannot vote in the general election, I think that voting in the Primary was important, because voting is at the hart of the idea of equal citizenship. Juge Learned Hand (better known for The Spirit of Liberty), was right when he said: « Of course I know how illusory would be the belief that my vote determined anything; but nevertheless when I go to the polls I have a satisfaction in the sense that we are all engaged in a common venture ».

And just for the pleasure of translating this beautiful phrase in French:

« Bien sûr je sais combien il est illusoire de croire que mon vote détermine quelque chose; mais quand je dépose mon bulletin dans l’urne, j’éprouve au moins la satisfaction de savoir que nous sommes tous engagés dans une aventure commune ».

Hashtags used on twitter: #Election2016 #PuertoRicoPrimary #PRPrimary #BernieSanders #PRforBernie


Capture d’écran 2016-06-07 à 19.41.52

Picture taken from the Washington Post : Puerto Rico resident is handed a ballot during the US territory’s Democratic primary (Carlos Giusti)



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1 Response to A thought about voting…(Democratic primary)

  1. Linda C says:

    Ici le droit de vote es un préalable pour “apprendre” à être citoyen américian.


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